Celebrations and weddings

Celebrations and weddings in Hotel SENEC****

An exceptional event deserves exceptional spaces. That's why you can rent any of our spaces for various celebrations and social events. The space on the shores of the Sunny Lakes directly encourages a romantic wedding, but it is also suitable for celebrations or other important events. Whether it's convention space, restaurants, bars, or our unique venues, we're happy to customize everything to your specifications.

Offer of premises for rent

The restaurants can be rented separately or combined to create a capacity for up to 300 people.

Our Wine, Coffee & Tea bar is also available for hire for various social events, with separate PRIVATE 1 and PRIVATE 2 lounge bookings available for smaller groups of people.

These can also be separated from the rest of the bar by a movable glass wall, so we can provide complete privacy for your smaller party or other important event. The bar also includes two bowling lanes, which can be an interesting addition to a family celebration or get-together with friends.

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