Mascots Friends of Trinity

A unique concept created with love

At Trinity Hotels & Resorts we have created a unique concept for families with children, whose mascots are the Trinity Friends - Čľupko, Vlnka, Kopko, Svetluška, Skalko, Ozvenka and, of course, their friend Nitka, who accompanies them at all concerts. Our mascots are also a music and dance group.

The characters of the Friends of Trinity do not talk, which encourages children's imagination. Communicating with gestures is close to children, it is playful and easy to understand, and it is thanks to this that even our youngest guests will like them.

That's why their friend Nitka, who is their main speaker, comes to the concerts with them. She leads the concerts, explains the dance steps and actively involves the children in the interactive concert experience. She gives the children the opportunity to be part of the concert for a while - to dance like the Friends.

They are not just cheerful characters. Each of them has their own unique story, their own profession. Kopko is a chef, Svetluška is an influencer, Čľupko is a lifeguard, Vlnka is a teacher, Skalko is a mountain guide and Ozvenka is a singer. In the new summer concept, we have adapted the activities to this. Each day of the week was dedicated to one of our mascots, and on that day we came up with a number of fun activities for the children inspired by the mascots' professions. Be it a singing competition, creative workshops, cooking together and so on.

The kids not only have fun, but also learn new skills and broaden their horizons. When doing activities together, they very quickly become their best friends. The children then don't go to some boring hotel, they go to Skalka's, Kopka's or Čľupek's house.

Čľupko and Vlnka

Senec is home to Čľupek and Vlnka. Čľupko is a waterman from our Senec lake and Vlnka is a beautiful mermaid. But Čľupko wants to become a lifeguard and Vlnka will one day be a teacher. We have brought them closer to today's children with modern professions so that they can find their way to them more easily. Čľupko teaches children the rules of first aid and various tricks in the pool, while Vlnka turns a classical boring school into an interesting and fun-filled one.

Čľupko and Vlnka accompany you throughout your stay at the hotel. You can meet them at dinner and at breakfast, where the children enthusiastically boast that they have burnt the fruit and vegetables. In the evening, they enjoy a mini-disco together and fun activities during the day as part of the animations. As a souvenir, they always receive a colouring book or a book with the story of the mascots. They also have their own special juice at the bar for the kids to refresh themselves with and, of course, you can't miss the farewell party during the departure days.

Concerts of Friends from Trinity

However, you can also meet other friends in Senec. They regularly visit each other in their houses and organize unforgettable concerts. Six mascots on stage, original songs, light and playful choreographies that will make even the little ones smile. Their interactive concerts can be experienced on most stays and throughout the summer. Together they have already released two albums, have their own t-shirts, cushions, drinks and many other handy gifts.

As a result, kids don't exactly say goodbye to them even after they leave. They can watch videos or sing songs with their friends anywhere. In addition, they can also commemorate their experiences with the Trinity Friends with one of their merchandise items.