Babyfriendly concept

Not only Senec, but all hotels in the Trinity Hotels & Resorts chain are truly baby friendly. This doesn't just mean that we have a children's corner, an extra bed and a playground. On the contrary, we have created a place that thinks about parents and children from A to Z.

In addition to providing the necessary amenities like cribs, bath tubs, bottle warmers, and more (you can find the full list here), we've made our hotels a place of relaxation and fun for young and old alike.

Fun for the whole family

Our whole concept is based on love for children and a personal approach to each one of them. It's not just about attractions, but on the contrary, we involve the children, we invent a program for them that not only entertains them, but also develops their skills and teaches them something.

Every day we have prepared a varied all-day animation programme for you. This is designed so that you can join in with your children and after busy days, spend some quality time together and have lots of fun together.

You can also relax with us

But if you can't keep up with the kids and you're also looking for a break, you've come to the right place. Leave the children in the hands of our experienced animators who will take care of a varied programme and a day full of experiences. You, meanwhile, can relax in our wellness and spa world or enjoy a drink, coffee or a romantic dinner in one of our bars and restaurants. In peace and without worries, because you know that your little ones will not miss anything. All that's left to do is listen to them - what they've experienced with their Trinity Friends.

Your children are cared for by the best

In addition to the Trinity Friends, our animation team is here for you to spend the whole day with each child.

These are the best of the best. Our animators undertake a range of workshops and training, including training by a child psychologist. This makes them prepared to handle a wide variety of situations.

Unique spaces

At Hotel Senec we offer not only unique experiences, but also unique spaces. We have our own MediaTro cinema, a Foodie Culinary Studio where young and old can learn new recipes. You can have fun bowling or playing a variety of games in our GameZone. And we've elevated the kids' corner to a whole kids' world - MiniMe with its own creative workshops called ArtClub.